Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Aries

There have been a lot of books and theories written in recent years about the differences between men and women. Theories claiming that we are psychologically too different to really understand each other. Books claiming to teach us how to better appreciate the opposite sex. I would like to add my own humble opinion to this mess. I believe that men and women are not as different as most people believe. The biggest problem facing relationships is not our differences or lack of communications. It is our hatred.
Men and women are NOT from different planets. It is not a matter of "warriors" versus "lovers". Both sexes are equally confrontational and warlike. It is a very unfortunate circumstance that our society has managed to foster several generations of men and women who hate each other. I know what you're thinking ... "I don't hate (men/women), I LOVE them" ... but please hear me out. That statement is the most often misused claim I have ever heard. Let's start with the guys...
The vast majority of men in this country are misogynists. I am not exaggerating, guys, you may be saying "I love women", but in reality, what is it you want? If you are purely looking for somebody to have sex with, someone to use for your whims and leave when you're done, you are misogynist. If you are looking for a domestic servant, someone to cook for you and clean up after you, and do anything you say, you are misogynist. If you view women primarily as objects of desire, you are misogynist. This word sounds very nasty and bad, but this IS what it means. Misogynists are only interested in women for their own purposes. They consider non-misogynist men to be un-masculine and call them things like "pansy" or "pussy-whipped" or "wussies". They don't realize that by acting this way they not only make us all look bad, but they also make the women's hatred of men grow.
And yes women hate men. There is no corresponding term for it, misanthropy being reserved for humanity as a race instead of men as a gender, but it is just as bad. These men-hating women exhibit similar behaviors as the women-hating men. Yes, some women are players who only want men for the sex. Others exhibit their hatred in other ways. For example, a women who merely wants a man for monetary reasons, someone to support her whims but whom she does not really care about, is a man-hater. A woman who enjoys watching men fight over her is also a man-hater, as she is callously allowing two men who she supposedly cares about to cause physical harm to one another. Many women develop their hatred of men because they were abused or abandoned by husbands or fathers or other men in their lives. Mothers who are in these situations often take out their anger upon the children of these men. One shocking symptom of this is a striking sub- culture arising of young men who undergo voluntary castration because they feel dirty possessing male genitalia.

The hatred exists everywhere in this country. It is not localized or sporadic. It is one of the major contributing factors to high crime rates and the breakdown of families. If I personally were to meet a woman who told me she was either divorced or getting a divorce because "my husband is an asshole", I would view that as a sign to stay away, because you know for a fact that it wasn't long ago this same woman pledged her undying love to this man, and for some reason, often unknown to him, she has decided she hates him. If I were to get involved how long would it be before she decided to hate me as well? This kind of stress is not something I welcome or desire.

Well I just had to say that, hopefully one person will read it and change their ways. If I achieve that much, then I have made the world a better place. But then again I AM a hopeless romantic...

- Chuck aka Hoenir aka SleepTilNoon WebMonkey

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