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This is a page dedicated to Video Games enjoyed by the staff here at SleepTilNoon. It includes brief descriptions of games and links to sites, both official and un-official, related to the games. More games and links will be added as time passes so check back!

Asheron's Call - Dark Majesty
LINKS Official site of the game as quoted on the retail game box.
Asheron's Call Stratics Very well done page containing game info, news, maps and quest guides.
Maggie the Jackcat's Kickass Fabulous AC Web Site The page title says it all. Nicely done resource guide.
Crossroads of Dereth Another nice resource guide for Asheron's Call.
ABOUT Asheron's Call is a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG that takes place on the Island of Dereth. The landscapes are vast, ranging from plains to lakes to forests to deserts to mountains to oceanside beaches. The game always has something to explore, and to keep it fresh the designers run monthly patches to add new aspects to the game.
****See Screenshots of the actual game.****
Final Fantasy Series
SquareSoft USA The home page of the company that has brought us the entire Final Fantasy series as well as many other awesome games Online gaming source sponsored by SquareSoft. This site has a complete online strategy guide for Final Fantasy IX, as well as several of SquareSoft's newer titles.
Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within Final Fantasy is now a full length feature film. Coming to theaters July 11, 2001.
Final Fantasy Online Resource site for all the Final Fantasy games. The format is recently changed but they do have comprehensive and active forums where you can ask questions of other gamers or engage in discussion.
ABOUT I was first introduced to Final Fantasy back when Final Fantasy (1) was released on the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System console sometime between 1988 and 1990. I was amazed, this was a game unlike any other I had ever played. It combined the experience gaining system of an RPG with a fast moving and interesting storyline that kept you guessing, where else can you find dragons and robots flying ships all in the same realm? The series moved on to the Super Nintendo in 1991 with Final Fantasy 2, then a year later with Final Fantasy 3 (later re-released under it's original Japanese name of Final Fantasy 6 in the Final Fantasy Anthology pack). Each iteration of the series was more amazing that the last, with awe-inspiring graphics and orchestrated soundtracks that generated their own mini cult followings. Final Fantasy VII was the reason why I purchased a Playstation, and Final Fantasy X will probably be the trigger to me buying a Playstation 2. The programmers at Square give each one a different system for magical abilities just to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting. I found Final Fantasy IX to be simply incredible and would highly recommend it to any gamer regardless of what type of game you enjoy.
Final Fantasy Tactics was a diversion from the norm, integrating the Final Fantasy tradition with a turn-based strategy battle system. The resulting gameplay is a great success in my opinion.
Overall I would rate the series 10 out of 10, due to it's adaptability and durability over time.

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