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This page is dedicated to providing links for pages which are fun, interesting, laziness-related, or otherwise cool. These links are posted on the merits of the pages or the page owners themselves, does not accept advertising dollars to post links here. If you own or know of a cool site that you think should be included here, please e-mail the SleepTilNoon webmonkey at
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Staff Favorites This site is by far the funniest and most well done Flash animation site I have seen. I have spent many hours viewing all the material on the site and I regularly check for new additions. The site creator Kevin does a great job!
Cool Site Cool Web Site - fun, games, cartoons, javascript, wisdom, cool stuff, sense of humor. The official website of The Jim Henson Company's international hit science fiction show, Farscape, which happens to be my current favorite TV show. Full of goodies from the first 2 seasons.
Sci Fi Channel Farscape site This is the Farscape site maintained by the Sci Fi channel, the US carrier of the program. Full of news, information, and downloads from all 3 seasons, plus a very active message board.
Idiots-Rule Check out these idiots from Chuck's hometown.

Chuck's Friends' Sites
Winnie's Wonderland Winnie is one of my first friends I ever talked to online in a chat room (can't forget Emmett LoL). She has been a great friend and stuck by me through a lot, and I've come to consider her as an honorary sister. She's my best Matey from Down Under. This page is an index of links to her forays into web design.
S.uspicious Version 2.0 Suspicious has been one of my closest friends for better than a year now. She has been a great moral and emotional supporter through some very tough times for me. She's a great listener and a Grade A Graphical Artist. This site showcases her graphics, drawings, and writings, as well as giving you a personal glimpse of her life.
Web Essentials Paul is a good friend of mine from the chat rooms who I've had the honor of meeting several times. He's a good friend, always willing to help somebody who's having computer difficulty and real fun to hang out with as well. On this site he posts graphical interfaces and other useful things which he has created and is offering for use on personal web pages.
Enter Darken I met Darken in the chat rooms. At the time I met her we were both interested in making animations called "gestures" for use in the chat client. We always joked about who was better, and eventually ended up teaching it to others as a joint effort. She's good at it and I won't say that I'm better but that still has yet to be settled ;o). This site is her personal web site with some information about what is going on in her life.

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