So just who is you ask? Let us introduce ourselves.

NAMEChuck (on-line alias Hoenir) web monkey and creator
ABOUTChuck came up with the idea of a website dedicated to laziness in the summer of 2000. Being truly lazy to the bone, it took him 2 months from registering the domain name until he acquired a web hosting service, another month to put anything up, and then six more months to start working on building the site again.
Chuck grew up in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. He attended Penn State University where he got his Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Electrical with Computer Emphasis) in 1996. He now lives in Michigan in a suburb of Detroit where he works as a Test Engineer in the Defense industry. He is 27 years old, 6 feet tall, blond haired, blue-eyed, single and looking ;o).
Chuck has been using the on-line nickname "Hoenir" since 1998. To find out what the name means visit his personal site International House Of Hoenir. He can be found in Excite's Virtual Places chat under the name Hoenir.
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STATUSChuck's Pimp
ABOUTJeffy has known about Chuck-daddy's site toward laziness for a while but was lazy and never really asked about it or seen if he needed any help but on April 28th, 2001 he wrote an article for Chuck, which in turn got him on as a member of the staff. Jeff is growing up in an extremely small town in NorthWest Ohio, at which place he has lived all of his life. Jeff currently attends Fairview Middle School where he is in 8th grade and has a 3.52 GPA. Jeff plans to go to college at the University of Toledo where he wants to study Computer Repair. Jeff is 14 years old (15 on 29th of October), 5'11", Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Single and unhappy about it =[. Jeff's used the online nicknames hellian, malfunction, lithium, and argon. His names don't have anything special about them he just used them because they sounded cool =].
EMAILE-mail Jeff
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STATUSChuck's Sister
ABOUTHeather was going to write an article about how having a smoking section in a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool, but she was too lazy to write it.
EMAILYou wanna buy me a computer?
CURRENT I'm too busy making jewelry for any of that nonsense.

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